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Things you need to know about your new plaster:




  • Remember that the pool equipment must be turned off. (filters)
  • It is very common that when chipping underneath the tile, some pieces may break or fall - especially if the tile was installed several years ago.  This is why it's normally recommended that you retile when you replaster a pool.
  • Remember to drill the holes on the pool floor until you go through the ground, to avoice the pool from lifting, incase there is water underneath the shell (pool).
  • Remember not to let anyone start to replaster your pool until at least 12 hours after they've applied the Bond Kote.
  • Remember acid has to be neutralized before disgarding to the street. NO PETS OUTSIDE! CLOSE ALL WINDOWS!

PLASTER: White cement and marble dust. (It's not snow white.)

  • It's a man-made job. (not perfect)
  • THe marble used is taken out of mines so its normal to find different colored stones.
  • IT IS VERY IMPORTANT: that when you begin to fill your pool with water that you let it reach the tile. Otherwise it will leave a stain on the plaster.  Remember - the water still has no chemicals yet.
  • Brush the pool as soon as it fills up with water. Twice a day for the first 10 days.  This is to remove the plaster residue and make it smoother.


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